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Welcome to the geothermal research company! We are experts in finding, financing, and constructing geothermal sites for clean and sustainable energy production. Our three-step approach ensures that our projects are successful and minimize risk.

Geothermal energy has several potential drawbacks

Our Analysis

Geothermal energy is only available in certain geographic areas with high levels of heat emanating from the earth's crust.
High initial costs:
The cost of drilling and constructing a geothermal power plant can be high.
Geothermal power plants typically have a lower output capacity than other forms of renewable energy, such as wind or solar.
Availability of resources:
Geothermal resources are not present everywhere and it requires specific conditions such as tectonic activity or volcanic activity.

Our Goal Is to solve the following issues

Our Differentiator

Environmental impact:
Drilling for geothermal energy can have negative impacts on the surrounding environment, such as air and water pollution. Geothermal power plants can have a risk of leakage of fluids and gases that can cause environmental damage.
Risk of induced seismicity:
Drilling and fluid injection in geothermal plants can induce small earthquakes.
Availability of resources:
Geothermal resources are not present everywhere and it requires specific conditions such as tectonic activity or volcanic activity.
Geothermal resources are often located in remote and hard-to-reach areas, which can increase the cost and difficulty of accessing power transmission lines.

Long-Term Plan


Site Identification and Analysis

Our team of geologists and engineers conduct a thorough analysis of potential geothermal sites to decrease the risk of project failure. This includes surface geo-scientific exploration, baseline environmental studies, and pre-feasibility studies to determine the reserve's size and potential.


Development and Financing

Our team verifies the reserve with 3rd party consultants. Once verified, we develop a special purpose vehicle (SPV) with an equity sponsor and debt financing. We develop a tender process to select the best developer for the project.


Construction and Reserve Development

Once the site is developed and financed, we oversee the construction and development of the geothermal reserve. Our team conducts operations to ensure that the site is running at peak efficiency and producing clean, renewable energy.

Finding Sites For Geothermal Power Plants

Project Exploration

Volcanic regions:
Places with active or recently active volcanoes have high heat flow from the Earth's crust, making them ideal for geothermal wells. Examples include Iceland, New Zealand, and the western United States.
Tectonic plate boundaries:
Areas where tectonic plates are colliding or diverging have high geothermal potential. Examples include parts of the Pacific Rim and the western United States.
Hot springs and geysers:
Places with hot springs or geysers have high heat flow from the Earth's crust and are often good locations for geothermal wells. Examples include Yellowstone National Park in the United States and Rotorua in New Zealand.
Geothermal Island:
Places such as Hawaii and Philippines are also good location for geothermal wells as these islands are located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area with high tectonic activity.

Research and Development

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